Signal Hill Neighborhoods

Signal Hill Neighborhoods



Signal Hill Neighborhoods


Single Family Homes


Crescent Heights Historic District

Location: Bordered by Crescent Heights and Burnett Street and further bordered by Walnut Avenue and Cherry Avenue.

Housing Description: This district preserves a collection of historic homes. New construction is allowed if the design replicates the architectural style of the early homes that once graced this area. Crescent Heights has Craftsman bungalows and to insure any new projects meet long standing traditions, the Planning Commission uses old photographs as its benchmark. There have already been two new residences approved for construction.

Unfortunately during the oil rush in the 1900s several of the original homes were damaged by sticky coats of oil. The Long Beach Historical Society was able to retrieve the photos from an insurance adjustor and has carefully preserved them.




Location: On the southwest corner of Ohio Avenue and Hill Street.

Housing Description: The neighborhood has 21 one and two story homes designed for single family living.


Hathaway Ridge

Location: On the Hill north of the Bixby Ridge expansion that is down Obispo Avenue and South of Willow Street.

Housing Description: Hathaway Ridge is a planned community consisting of 17 single family homes with floor plans for two and three stories.



Westbluff Estates

Location: This neighborhood is near the intersection of 21st Street and Junipero, and also located near Cherry Avenue on Hill Street.

Housing Description: Westbluff Estates has a total of 51 homes designed for single families.



Cherry Avenue Townhouses

Location: Between 19th and 20th Streets on Cherry Avenue.

Housing Description: This Anastasi Development Company´s project includes 5 homes designed for single families and incorporates new construction of 30 townhouses. The townhouses will be built with two story triplex plans.


Skyline Estates

Location: Down the rim of Signal Hill, these townhouses all have dazzling views of the Pacific Ocean.

Housing Description: This development has 32 three story, duplex style townhouses with courtyard entrances and garages.


Skyline Villas

Location: Between Molino and Ohio Avenues and Skyline and Panorama Drives.

Housing Description: Skyline Villas has 24 townhouses that have both city and ocean views and their floor plan integrates an attached garage.




Multi-family Dwellings

City View Condominiums

Location: The southwest corner of 19th Street and Orizaba Avenue. It replaces the old Beach City Chevy repair hub.

Housing Description: This Urban Pacific Builders plan has a 109 unit complex of condominiums with both city and ocean views. They are designed to be two and three story structures on top of under ground parking garages.



Las Brisas - Phase I and II

Location: Phase I is on California Avenues west side and Phase II is just north of Burnett Street on California Avenue´s east side.

Housing Description: These are multi family units. Phase I has 23 four unit apartments, neighborhood Park plus community and child care centers. Phase II has two four story buildings for a total of 60 units. 21 of the apartments will be used for senior citizens with low incomes and has a community hall.


Signal Hill, Long Beach California - Area Information

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