The Long Beach RiverLink

The Long Beach RiverLink - Proposed Westside beautification plan to re-connect the City with the Los Angeles River

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The Long Beach RiverLink

Have you seen the proposed plan for the land beside the LA River on the West side of Long Beach yet?  It is well thought out, extremely attractive and incredible!  If this plan comes to fruition it will beautify the West Side and increase Long Beach home values substantially. 

This stroke of genius was developed by 606 Studio, Dept. of Landscape Architecture, College of Environmental Design at California State Polytechnic University.  The plan is intended to provide a framework for the city to connect the neighborhoods of the west side of Long Beach, CA with the Los Angeles River. 

The Key Issues prompting this plan include:

  • Inadequate amount of outdoor recreation areas
  • Loss of neighborhood identity (Residents see Long Beach as a 'City of Neighborhoods )
  • Severed connections between city and river (Residents think it is unattractive, too much vandalism, noisy, underutilized and uncomfortable)
  • Lack of nature in the urban setting (The Westside is severely lacking in acres of open space, this plan would provide for badly needed open space)
  • Perceived unsafe public places (Perception of unsafe areas is high, much more so in the night-time hours)

The Eastside of Long Beach has the bulk of City parks 16.7 acres per 1,000 residents, the Westside has 4.7 acres per 1,000 residents.  Not a very green Westside.

The Goals and Objectives of The Plan include integrating the parks and open space creatively to blend with and enhance the natural heritage and historical design of the neighborhoods, while reconnecting them with the river.  Initial plans include walking and bicycling paths, mass transit use and more.

The strong heritage and historical design of the neighborhoods along the river are to be complimented in the design elements. Some of the design elements being woven into The Plan are:

  • Craftsman Style Designs, responding to the history of the Willmore City Neighborhood.
  • Art Deco
  • Industrial - The City of Long Beach has plans for economic development of the areas affected. 
  • Spanish Revival designs responding to the Spanish Revival history of the Wrigley Heights Neighborhood.

The RiverLink concept designates a system of Gateways, Pathways, Connections, and Destinations to direct visitors to and from the Los Angeles River.  The plan includes beautifully designed Gateways (Park Entries) that blend with the design of the area.  The designs are lovely and will be a tremendous addition to the areas.  The Pathways encourage walking and bicycling while providing safe and comfortable paths enhanced by mature trees and landscaping. Stop and rest on one of the many benches along the way and enjoy the beauty of your surroundings.

Proposed RiverLink Spotlighted Sites begin at Long Beach Harbor, at the mouth of the river where an overlook will provide visitors a place to view the new wetland and park areas; then make their way clear up to the City of Paramount:


The City of Long Beach hopes to develop the Magnolia Yards area incorporating live/work lofts, developing a warehouse district featuring galleries, small retail shops, and restaurants, creating economic vitality in an underutilized area within walking distance of Downtown Long Beach.  

The proposed Wrigley Heights Park will include Fresh Water Wetlands, an Eco-revelatory Amphitheater, Woodlands, a Playground and mini-park, and a Dog Park among other attractions. 

River overlooks are planned viewing areas of river wildlife along the bike path and will provide access across the river channel.

The City of Long Beach RiverLink plan is a creative redefinition of open and unused space that can be adapted as ephemeral open space patches and is the creation of Edward Anaya - James Chaddick - Jon Loxley and Jeremy Person, whom I would like to personally thank for this stroke of genius.

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