Long Beach Condo Fire Are You Thinking About Buying a Long Beach Condo?

Long Beach Condo Fire Are You Thinking About Buying a Long Beach Condo? There are a few things you should know...


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There are many factors to consider when purchasing a high-rise Long Beach Condo.  One that we don't think about often is fire safety.  Does the building you are considering buying into have adequate protection in the event of a fire?  Are there Sprinklers?  Some interesting facts have arisen from a recent Long Beach tragedy which should certainly be considered when purchasing your Long Beach Condo:


LONG BEACH CALIFORNIA:  Wednesday, March 29, 2007 at 9:30 PM, a deadly fire broke out in the east wing of the luxury Long Beach high rise, Galaxy Towers Condominiums at 2999 Ocean Blvd., in Historic Bluff Park, Long Beach CA.   The fire claimed the life of one man, John Carlyle Crews who tragically jumped to his death from his 18th floor balcony.  Apparently the Galaxy Tower Condominiums were not required to install a sprinkler system, due to grandfathering, which could have minimized this tragedy according to Long Beach Fire Capt. Mike Duree.

Other high rise Long Beach Condos, such as the Broadlind in the East Village Arts District in Downtown Long Beach, and the Historic Villa Riviera, in Alamitos Beach, had sprinklers installed, even though they too were grandfathered in and not required to do so.  There are approximately 10 high-rise Long Beach Condos that are not required to install sprinklers, due to grandfathering, at this time.  (Definitely something to think about if you are considering purchasing a high-rise Long Beach Condo)


There have been several recent fires in Long Beach Condo complexes.  It really should make a buyer stop and think "What If".  Wouldn't you want to know that if tragedy struck that the damage would at least be minimal?


The Long Beach City Council will, once again, be discussing fire impact fees at their next Tuesday meeting.  The City of Long Beach wants to levy fees on Long Beach developers and Long Beach builders of residential, commercial and industrial construction of over 3,000 square feet to pay for Long Beach fire and safety improvements.  Proposed distribution of these funds: Long Beach Police Department would receive 58.7 percent of the fees raised from residential properties and 62.3 percent of the fees raised from nonresidential properties. The Long Beach Fire Department would receive the rest. 


The hefty fees, of course, will be passed along to Long Beach Condo and Long Beach Home and property Buyers.  


Amidst the tragedy of the Long Beach Galaxy Tower fire Jay Beeler, the Publisher of the Beachcomber, a local publication covering news and events on the east side of Long Beach, was arrested while attempting to cover the story.  Jay is currently attempting to organize other media representatives to join him in a class action lawsuit against the Long Beach Police Department for obstructing his right to passage.  He is especially pissed off at Long Beach Police Officer Gjersvold who, Jay says, thinks he is above the law.........READ THE WHOLE STORY...


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