Long Beach Breakwater Controversy

Long Beach Breakwater Controversy







Long Beach Surf-Pre BreakwaterThe Long Beach California Breakwater Is the largest man made breakwater in the world.  Made of three gigantic walls of rock, it was completed in 1949 and extends about 2 1/2 miles in front of  Long Beach's residential beaches.  It's original objective was to thwart submarines and torpedoes during World War II.  Sitting in about 50 feet of water the breakwater rises between 10 to 13 feet above the surface. 


The breakwater is owned and maintained by the federal government, not by the City of Long Beach.  Any changes to the breakwater will require federal support. The Long Beach City Council voted to ask the federal government to order the study back in 2005.  The request fell on deaf ears in Washington.  Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, who represents all the coastal area of Long Beach, told city officials he would not ask for the study.  Neither of California's senators - Diane Feinstein and Barbara Boxer - would sponser the measure either.  This is an election year - right?


Many residents feel the breakwater no longer serves it's intended purpose and has ruined the natural waves depriving Long Beach of the cleansing action of the tides.  The dirty water and flat surf have reduced beach usage.  Some Long Beach residents believe removing part of the existing breakwater would restore the city's appeal to tourists.  Some claim there is evidence that it has depressed Long Beach homes values as well. 


Long Beach residents have become so used to the lack of surf, many do not realize the benefits of removing a portion of this breakwater and once again allowing the natural surf to roll in.  Clean water and a more eco-friendly environment are the major benefits of removing unnecessary portions of the breakwater.  Can you just imagine being able to surf real waves in Long Beach?


Recently Long Beach residents have begun to organize to make the removal of portions of the breakwater a future reality.  At the Long Beach City Council Meeting on 7/24/07 council members voted 7-1 in favor of allowing $100,000 funding for a breakwater reconnaissance study.  The money comes from funds reserved for coastal projects.  It's a start. 


The study will consider the role the breakwater plays in terms of economic impact (including the Port's), on the environment, national security, water quality, beach erosion, jurisdiction and more.  The study will consider data from other resources, no new studies will be conducted.  The benefits will have to outweigh the cost of the project according to the Army Corp. of Engineers guidelines. 


Concerns have been expressed that the removal of portions of the breakwater may threaten Alamitos Bay Homes. 


The Long Beach Surfrider group is hosting a free public meeting at 7:00 PM Monday 8/6/07 at the Borders bookstore at 101 S. Pine Avenue to discuss its campaign and to open the floor to questions.  Please feel free to stop in and add your two cents. 


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