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Belmont Shore - Naples Island - Resort Style Living at the Heart of Long Beach


Belmont Shore - Naples Island - Long Beach - California

Long Beach Living

Resort Style Living at the Heart of Long Beach

Long Beach California

Would you like to live in a luxurious resort community without giving up the conveniences of an urban lifestyle? Head to Belmont Shore and Naples Island along the Long Beach Peninsula. Youll find resort style living at the heart of Long Beach! Here, rows of sailboats bob at docks along the waterfront. Palm trees are massaged by cool ocean breezes. Look no further for top notch shopping, entertainment, beaches, water activities, and unsurpassed dining opportunities. And its all just minutes away from bustling, vital, Downtown Long Beach.



Waterfront Enchantment

Do you like the beach? Theres plenty of it here! At the southern end of Long Beach land stretches and thins into a finger shaped wedge of waterfront enchantment. On one side of this peninsula graceful East Coast shingle style homes overlook the vast Pacific Ocean. On the other, lovely Alamitos Bay caresses the three luxurious water encircled bundles of earth that are Naples Island. At the tip of the Peninsula is the Long Beach Yacht Club.


Belmont Shore Real Estate Market Report-2009-Naples Island-Belmont Park-Marina Pacifica

Belmont Shore Real Estate Market Report-2008-Belmont Park-Naples Island-Marina Pacifica

Lovely Belmont Shore

Travel just around the bend at the Second Street/Livingston/Ocean Boulevard stoplight in Long Beach and youll find yourself in friendly Belmont Shore. Youll be in good company! Youll enjoy meeting neighbors as you stroll by the boutiques, businesses and shops of the popular Second Street shopping area. Grab a cappuccino at Starbucks and enjoy the day. The fun doesnt stop just because the sun goes down! People travel from all over the country to visit this lovely four mile area.


Second Street Shops

Stroll popular Second Street in this cozy community. Small local businesses mingle with established stores and local eateries to make for some of the best shopping around. Youll enjoy 15 blocks of the best restaurants, specialty shops, boutiques, and entertainment right here! Grab an early morning latte at Starbucks¦by dusk youll be ready for a pizza at B.J.s Pizzeria. Then head for a movie or watch the lights blink in the bay. The fun is just beginning!



Belmont Shore Restaurants:

  • Apengo; 5325 2nd St; 562-433-0221
  • Archibalds; 4600 2nd St; 562-434-0444
  • Aroma di Roma; 5327 2nd St; 562-434-6353
  • Baja Fresh; 5020 East 2nd Street; 562-434-0466
  • Biggs; 4722 2nd St; 562-434-1313
  • BJs Pizza & Grill; 5258 East 2nd Street; 562-437-8181
  • Bonos; 4901 2nd St; 562-434-9501
  • Buona Gente; 5205 East 2nd Street; 562-438-8763
  • Cafe Gazelle; 191 LaVerne Avenue; 562-438-5033
  • Caffe La Strada; 4716 East 2nd Street; 562-433-8100
  • Domenicos; 5339 East 2nd Street; 562-439-0261
  • Georges Greek Café; 5316 2nd St; 562-433-1755
  • Hamabe Sushi Saurus; 5260 East 2nd Street; 562-439-1950
  • Jack in the Box; 5252 East 2nd Street; 562-439-8323
  • Jr. Mex; 4705 East 2nd Street; 562-439-4489
  • La Creperie Café; 4911 2nd St; 562-434-8499
  • Legends Sports Bar and Restaurant; 5236 East 2nd Street; 562-433-5743
  • Lucilles Smokehouse BBQ; 4828 East 2nd Street; 562-434-7427
  • Malvasia; 5316 East 2nd Street; 562-433-5005
  • Natraj Cuisine of India; 5262 East 2nd Street; 562-930-0930
  • NYs Upper Crust Pizza; 5291 East 2nd Street; 562-987-4700
  • Open Sesame; 5215-5217 East 2nd Street; 562-621-1698
  • Panama Joes; 5100 East 2nd Street; 562-434-7417
  • Papaluccis; 5100 East 2nd Street; 562-434-4454
  • Pauls Place; 5374 2nd St; 562-433-8351
  • Peets Coffee and Tea; 5246 East 2nd Street; 562-433-7306
  • Phuket Thai; 5274 East 2nd Street; 562-433-5859
  • Provence Boulangerie; 191 Park Avenue; 562-930-0010
  • Shannons Bayshore Irish/American Bar; 5335 East 2nd Street; 562-433-5901
  • Shore House Cafe; 5271 East 2nd Street; 562-433-2266
  • Steak O-Rama; 5201 East 2nd Street; 562-597-9548
  • Subway Sandwiches; 5353 East 2nd Street; 562-987-2155
  • Sunnin; 5110 2nd St; 562-433-9000
  • Supermex; 4711 East 2nd Street; 562-439-4489
  • Taco Surf; 5316 1/2 East 2nd Street; 562-434-8646
  • Tea Garden; 5295 East 2nd Street; 562-438-8378
  • Yen Sushi; 4905 2nd St; 562-434-5757
  • Z Pizza; 4612A East 2nd Street; 562-987-4500


Shadow Art

Street Shadow Art - Belmont Shore - Long Beach CaliforniaRemember to look down as you meander along Second Streets walkways. You dont want to miss the 'shadow art' that adorns the sidewalks! Youll enjoy artistic crystal blue waters and shimmering skies decorating Second Street buildings.

A Dining Opportunity to Suit Every Palate

From an easygoing cantina meal to the southern finery of the Shenandoah Café theres a dining opportunity here to suit every palate. Delights will melt in your mouth at the Naples Rib Company. Nicos was owned by Sonny Bonos daughter, Christi, but has recently changed hands. And dont miss weekly wine and beer tasting at Moreys Liquor. Looking for a casual experience¦with a bayside view which is perfect for sunset dining or viewing the fabulous Long Beach fireworks displays? The Belmont Brewing Company is right next to the Belmont Pier and offers a delectable assortment of salads, soups and entrees. Whether you are up for a quiet dinner inside or a romantic sunset interlude you will find it here!






Graceful Yachts and Elegant Mansions

Alamitos Bay - Long Beach CaliforniaFollow Second Street across sparkling Alamitos Bay and you'll be at the center of quaint Naples Island. Here, graceful yachts float before elegant waterfront mansions. Flower-lined walkways, five Venetian inspired bridges and a city full of palm trees line a mile of tranquil canals. Youll view spectacular ocean vistas from patios in some of the most sought after places to live. Be sure to meander along the waterfront where sidewalks are shaded by tall palms and garnished with colorful flowers. Here, children play in the sand and paddle about in brightly hued kayaks. In the summer, one bay front street is closed so children can safely travel to and from the beach.

Romantic Naples Island

You'll love the canals, bay and beaches that surround Naples Island!

Naples consists of three individual islands and all have canals that pour into Alamitos Bay. Just like its European namesake, streets in this popular seaside community have Italian names. And since 1971, La Bella Fontana di Napoli, a large fountain at the center of Naples, has been a popular meeting place. Looking for a romantic getaway? Take your sweetheart on an Italian style gondola cruise along picturesque canals.


Never Far from Long Beach Amenities

Naples Island Canals-Long Beach CaliforniaYou'll think you've stepped into another dimension as you stand on the deck of your boat breathing in the tangy salt air. Amid luxury homes, palm trees and bright flowers you will feel far away from the rest of the world. But, in truth, youre not far from Long Beach amenities! Its a short ride to all Long Beach freeways when you travel west on Second Street from Pacific Coast Highway. (Read More About Long Beach>)



One of Southern Californias most Coveted Luxury Communities

Originally, the land that is Belmont Shore and Naples was a vast expanse of Pacific Ocean wetlands. Later it became a part of historic Rancho Los Alamitos. In the early 1920s, Rancho Los Alamitos was subdivided to form what would become Long Beach. Even though much of Belmont Shore and Naples was still underwater a few forward thinking developers bought it and began construction of one of Southern Californias most coveted luxury communities, creating a picture perfect coastline. More than 2 million cubic yards of sand and mud were dredged from Alamitos Bay to elevate the land. The Bay was widened and deepened and channels created. Sand imported from Mexico and the Pacific Northwest created idyllic lagoons along the postcard perfect coastline.

A Charming Italian Styled Community

Originally, the entire area was intended to be a charming Italian styled community with luxury homes and red tiled roofs on picturesque canals. Gondoliers, a promenade with a large fountain and plenty of beachfront were part of the plan! Due to the high cost and complex task, only Naples Island met that goal. The first residential lots here were sold for less than $2,000.

Bold Contemporary to Spanish Revival

Gondolas - Naples Island - Long Beach CaliforniaCruise Naples in a gondola or stroll the walkways by foot or bicycle. Youll see elegant Mediterranean style and stately New England style shingle homes, condominiums and more. Dont miss the outstanding collection of period revival commercial buildings along Second Street in Belmont Shore. Are you searching for a luxury sized waterfront residence with an extra long boat dock? Visit Naples Treasure Island community or check  out lovely  nearby Spinnaker Bay. Hunting for waterfront condominium? Step out of your Marina Pacifica home and into the warm Alamitos Bay sand. For awe-inspiring sunsets, take an evening stroll down to the beach just blocks away from your lovely Belmont Shore home. From bold contemporary to Spanish Revival, there is a home style here to suit every preference!


Theres Plenty to Do in Belmont Shore, Naples and the Peninsula

Like to shop? Belmont Shore's Second Street Shopping district has what you need! Dine indoors or out where youll enjoy the ever-present Long Beach sunshine as it sparkles on peaceful Alamitos Bay. Take in the Belmont Car Show, the largest one day car show on the West Coast. Feel like a day at the beach? Your four footed friend will enjoy entertaining Dog Beach. Swim, sun or sail the Pacific from Belmont Shores tidy beach or the sandy waters along Naples Island. Whether you are up for a day of skiing or prefer to watch the boats go by you will find something to do here.



Local Beaches of Long Beach California:


Mothers Beach-Naples Island-Long Beach-CaliforniaAlamitos Beach from Alamitos to 15th Place. You can glide, ride or stride along the waters edge on the main beach from Alamitos Avenue on the west to 54th Place on the east on the 3.1-mile, 17-foot-wide Shoreline Pedestrian Bike Path. Two six foot lanes are for bicycle traffic and one five foot lane is for pedestrians. You can rent skates, bikes, umbrellas and beach chairs at Alfredos.

Bayshore Beach at 5415 E. Ocean Blvd. offers access to Alamitos Bay and other diversions such as:

  • basketball,
  • volleyball
  • handball courts
  • play equipment for the kids

Belmont Plaza Beach at 4000 Olympic Plaza is close to the bike path and Belmont Pier. Be sure to get a front row seat (bring your own chair!) for exciting California Beach Volleyball Association events during the upcoming International Sea Festival.

Belmont Shore Beach from 39th Place to 54th Place, and Peninsula Beach from 54th to 72nd Place offer long stretches of white sand, volleyball courts and beautiful scenery.

Colorado Lagoon at 5119 E. Colorado St. offers calm waters, picnic areas and a nautical themed playground.

Junipero Beach from 15th to 39th Place can be conveniently accessed from Ocean Blvd. on Junipero Avenue which ends at a beach parking lot.

Marine Park at 5839 Appian Way is known as 'Mothers Beach' because of its popularity among families with small children. All ages can relax and enjoy the day with shallow, calm waters, a lifeguard station, restrooms and play equipment.

The next chance you have to spend a day at the beach, remember that some of the best ones are right here in Long Beach.

Naples Boat Parade

Naples Canal-Christmas-Long Beach-CaliforniaThe Naples Boat Parade held the second Saturday of each December. Youll see gaily decorated sailboats, yachts and gondolas as they glide through the canals. Do you own a seaworthy vessel? Trim your boat and head for the water. You might win a prize! About 60,000 people attend this popular and fun event.

Come Home to the Beach Communities of Long Beach

Want to be near the waterfront wherever you go? Close to outstanding shopping, entertainment, in a walkable neighborhood and more without giving up the convenience of being close to a large city? You will really like it here!

Want to Know More?

Are you buying or selling Belmont Shore or Naples Long Beach California Real Estate? I can help you find your luxury dream home. Call Laurie Manny today (562) 212-5420. 

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