Colorado Lagoon Park - Long Beach California

Colorado Lagoon Park - Long Beach California

Colorado Lagoon Park - Long Beach California


I remember when I first moved into Long Beach and drove past Colorado Lagoon.  In my own New York way I asked my friend; Whats with the swamp?.  It was looking pretty raggy way back then, but as they say, its come a long way baby! Yesterday I was driving by, it was such a pretty day and the park was so peaceful, I pulled over and took a few pictures. 

Colorado Lagoon Park - Long Beach California   Colorado Lagoon Park - Long Beach California

Colorado Lagoon is comprised of 41.63 acres of wetland and Marine Education Science Center and is located at 5119 E Colorado St.; they can be reached at (562) 570-1720. Colorado Lagoon Park is bounded on the West by Park Ave; on the South by E Appian Way and E Colorado St; on the North by E 6th St. and Recreation Park 9 Hole Golf Course; and on the East by Monrovia Ave, E 4th St, Haines Ave, E Vermont St., and Orlena Ave. 

Colorado Lagoon Park - Long Beach California

Drop in at the Education Center from 2 to 5 and discover the featured creature of the day. Then go out and see if you can find where it lives, what it eats, and who it eats. The Education Center is located on Appian Way, between Park & Colorado 562-570-1749.

Colorado Lagoon Park - Long Beach California

If you are heading to the Lagoon, pack a picnic lunch and enjoy it in the picnic area. Live in the area?  Push off your kayak for a nice tour of the local canals. 


Weekends the Lagoon is very busy.  Many people come to enjoy the park.  Unfortunately they dont have the love and leave a lot of litter behind.  Please dispose of your trash in the provided recepticals and help us keep our city clean for your next visit. 

No Littering

The park provides a designated swimming area. 

I wouldnt go in that water.  Nuff said?

Colorado Lagoon Park - Long Beach California

The City of Long Beach has put forth major Restoration Efforts and has made Colorado Lagoon a into a beautiful and inviting park area and beach once again.  Ok, so its still a bit of a work in progress, but it sure is getting prettier.  Maybe someday that water will be clean enough to actually swim in¦


Visit:  Friends of Colorado Lagoon


2/6/2010 UPDATE:  LA Times reports that the City of Long Beach will launch the first phase of a $15 million project to remove contamination, divert trash and carve out an open channel to the ocean.  The project is being paid for with federal stimulus funds and by the Port of Long Beach who advanced $1.3 million and paid for environmental and engineering studies. 


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