Do You Want to be Published?

Do You Want to be Published?

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We are going to try something new here at the Long Beach Real Estate Home site.  We are opening up the site for article contribution to the residents, home owners and business owners of Long Beach.  We would like to give you an opportunity to talk about your neighborhood, the schools, stores, local issues, your experiences, offer some unique gardening or decorating tips, etc...  


We are also interested in constructive articles related to your home buying, selling, staging, remodeling experiences. etc...  That does not mean that we are opening ourselves up as a place to vent.  If you have a constructive article, we will post it.  We will not allow slams on people or entertain anything hateful.  Was your moving company exceptional?  Did you have a great experience with a contractor?  etc...


Just because we are opening it up doesn't mean that we are going to accept all articles that are submitted.  We are looking for interesting and helpful information to share with the rest of the Long Beach community. We are reserving editorial rights, will not accept any article that we deem to be inapproriate and are not interested in articles that advertise your business or are too self serving.


This is a top rated blog site, we enjoy top search engine placement and reach well over 5,000 viewers a day.  Do you have something to say and nowhere to say it?  Do you want to be published?


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    Long Beach residents, home and business owners are now welcome to contribute interesting Long Beach related articles and/or photos to this site for publication. 
  • Some restrictions will apply.
  • We reserve the right to reject any article that we deem inappropriate or too self serving.

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Posted on July 06, 2008 08:58:31 by Laurie Manny Professional Group
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Comment from: john o'connor [Visitor] Email ·

When my wife and I first moved to Long Beach last year, it was intimidating.  We're from Victorville, which isn't too far away, and yet it felt like stepping onto a new continent.

Moving to a new area for the first time is an interesting experience.  There are little things that you don't have right away, liike ketchup and condiments.  Things that you would normally overlooked are suddenly blaringly obvious in their absence.

I was formerly a web developer, and was in charge of a very successful online community forum.  Whenever people would move to the area, the first thing we would tell them is to "look on the forum".  These forums, powered by popular free software, serve as online centers for discussion between neighbors and friends.  A lot can be learned about a city by reading the forum, from the varying opinions on the quality of schools, to the hidden city features and hangouts known only to the natives.  Through the forum, our community connected in a way I've never seen before, and the city became a much friendlier place.

I searched for a forum serving Long Beach similar to the one I had formerly worked on in the desert, but to no avail.  It wasn't until I began to discover the interesting and wonderful things about Long Beach and Lakewood that I realized the value of the forum I'd left behind.

So, I decided to start one for my new home town.  The Lakewood and Long Beach Community Forum is a free service to the community, providing a central location for community members to gather and discuss a wide range of topics.  The hopes in creating this free forum is that it will provide members of the Long Beach and Lakewood communities, both old and new alike, a chance to get to know their neighbors.

If you're a resident, past resident, or just fan of the area, come check out the forum and create a free registration.

About the writer:

John O'Connor is a Software Engineer, technology guru, and musician.  He enjoys creating and sustaining communities, and is president of the Linux User Group at LAX (LiLAX) in Los Angeles.

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