Downtown Long Beach CA - Incredible

Downtown Long Beach CA - Incredible area information.


Imagine, Sunshine 345 days of the year.


Walking to the office.


Gazing at the waterfront, from your office or high rise condo windows.

World Trade Center-Downtown Long Beac h California


Downtown Long Beach, World Trade Center


Going to the beach after work.



The most amazing sunsets God has created, every day.

Downtown Long Beach Sunset

View from Downtown Long Beach, over San Pedro & Palos Verdes


The Downtown Long Beach California area has gone through a vibrant revitalization which still continues. New hi and low-rise condos, Manhattan style loft developments, condo conversions, new malls and entertainment complexes all either at the beach or within a several blocks walk continue to sprout. A total urbanization of the area is under way. It really is quite spectacular. 


Downtown Ocean Blvd. Corridor 



 New Entertainment Complex at The Pike

Rainbow Harbor, Downtown Long Beach CA



Imagine, affordable beach front condos, and affordable beach close properties.


Downtown Long Beach is growing and improving daily.  Just 10 years ago the crime rate in the Downtown Long Beach area was staggering.  While parts of the area are still a bit gritty, it has come a very long way.  The many new condos and conversions on and off of East Ocean Blvd. have contributed to the substantial rise in equity in the area. 


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Downtown Long Beach and Alamitos Beach Condos For Sale $400000 to $500000
Downtown Long Beach and Alamitos Beach Condos For Sale $500000 to $600000
Downtown Long Beach and Alamitos Beach Condos For Sale $600000 to $800000
Downtown Long Beach and Alamitos Beach Condos For Sale $800000 to $1000000
Downtown Long Beach and Alamitos Beach Condos For Sale $1000000 and more


The close proximity of the Long Beach Airport, its ease of use and its future planned expansion, have aided Downtown Long Beach in becoming highly desirable places for todays urban minded professionals to live, work and play. Arrive at the airport 30 minutes before your flight, park your car, walk across the street, check in your bags, go to your gate (short walk) and take off, with time to spare, this just could not be any easier.  Which is probably why the city saw the merit in making Downtown Long Beach a Long Beach Wireless Hot Zone.

The development of Downtown Long Beach is extremely exciting because it will energize the community through the real growth and diversification of retailers while also providing aesthetic improvements, enhanced infrastructure, and upscale housing, said Barbara Kaiser, Manager of the City of Long Beachs Redevelopment Agency. ˜At the center of the Southern California coastline with easy access and an inviting atmosphere, its easy to see why more developers are choosing to invest in Downtown Long Beach.

Downtown is home to many large hotels, necessary to handle the busy traffic created by The Long Beach Area Convention Center. Featuring a 224,000 square foot exhibit hall with 83,000 feet of space for meetings. 

A new development is currently in the works which will encompass 1 million square feet of new entertainment and retail space and 1,300 residential units.  Tower 1 will be comprised of 55 floors, tower 2 wil be comprised of 45 floors.   This innovative complex will be located just north of the World Trade Center and will be shaped like a ships sail. The development is being planned by Molasky Pacific California, LLC and was currently scheduled for completion in 2009 or 2010, this project has been delayed a bit.  An artists rendition of this complex can be viewed here



Housing Options to Suit Every Lifestyle

Are you searching for an upscale apartment or funky downtown loft?  Or do you prefer a quaint bungalow in a Historic District?  Yes Downtown has it all, even its own Historic District, with Craftsman and Victorian beauties, and many lovely Craftsman style cottages.  There are housing options here to suit every lifestyle.


Downtown Long Beach and Alamitos Beach 

Homes Condos and Income Properties For Sale


Feed is updated on a regular basis:




It would be my pleasure to consult with you regarding available properties in the 

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Did you know that Long Beach has 17 Historic Districts and a rich history?


  • Belmont Heights
  • Bluff Heights
  • Bluff Park
  • Brenner Place
  • California Heights
  • Carroll Park
  • Craftsman Bungalow Historic Village
  • Eliot Lane
  • Linden Avenue
  • Minerva Park Place
  • Rose Park
  • Rose Park South
  • Sunrise Boulevard
  • Willmore City/Drake Park
  • Wilton Street
  • Wrigley



Rarely on the market, beautiful Mills Act home in Downtown Historic District of Willmore City.

The Mills Act helps homeowners restore historic homes to their former glory by way of reduced property tax incentives. 

Historic Eduardian Manse - Downtown Long Beach California

Stunning Historic Edwardian Manse



Downtown has much to offer.  Take a stroll along the waterfront, watch the cruise ships come and go from the Downtown Port of Long Beach terminals. 

Whether you like to shop, dine, tour a museum, catch a professional sporting event or see the sights¦theres something for you in Downtown Long Beach.  Here, water taxis take visitors to the Queen Mary, and the Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific.  Or you can hop a ferry to Catalina Island.  Like to shop?  Youll love the wide variety of shops and exotic restaurants at The Pike at Rainbow Harbor and Shoreline Village.  Searching for conventional discount stores?  Head for the open air shopping opportunities at City Place.  And for great sports, check out the Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center and Long Beach Arena.  You might catch the hometown professional hockey team, The Ice Dogs, in action. 


Aquarium of the Pacific Video


Is there any nicer sound in the world than children laughing? 

A Day at the Aquarium of the Pacific

Aquarium of the Pacfic
Aquarium of the Pacific

Each year thousands of people head to Long Beach for one of the biggest car race events in the world.  Dont miss the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach.  Cars race along a 1,968-mile temporary course around the Downtown Convention Center & high rise hotels and condos so its easy to find a front row seat!  LIVE FOOTAGE


Shoreline Drive (the race track) loops down from Ocean Blvd and provides access to the Convention Center, The Long Beach Arena, The Pike, Rainbow Harbor Marina and Shoreline Village. From the Bubba Gump Shrimp Company to The California Pizza Kitchen, theres always something wonderful cooking at The Pike at Rainbow Harbor. Here you will find great dining at PF Changs, Gladstones, Outback Steakhouse and more!  Youll love this vibrant shopping, dining and entertainment destination!  Enjoy delightful ocean breezes as you dine along the waterfront. 






Celebrated in Long Beach, CA

˜Celebrating the Year of the World Cup Championship and Saluting New Orleans Mardi Gras

The largest Carnival Party in Southern California!

Get ready for the party of the year¦ Dig out your costumes! Come join us and dance to the high energy rhythms of the worlds most famous Carnival celebration coming up!





A trip Downtown isnt complete without a visit to Pine Avenue.  Here, youll find one-of-a-kind specialty shops housed in quaint historic buildings.  Enjoy your morning coffee and check your email under a blue Long Beach sky as you sit on a café patio.  And when the sun goes down¦the fun continues!  Enjoy a delicious European style dinner at one of the many upscale restaurants, and then dance the night away!  The Blue Café on the Promenade is a popular nightspot.

You wont want to miss the East Village Arts District, where the Art Deco style abounds.  You will find it chock full of small galleries, eclectic shops, coffee shops and wonderful little restaurants.


We are proud of our Downtown Murals, which depict the diversified culture of our area:


Downtown Long Beach Mural
Downtown Long Beach Mural
Downtown Long Beach Mural
Downtown Long Beach Mural
Downtown Long Beach Mural
Downtown Long Beach Mural
Downtown Long Beach Mural
Downtown Long Beach Mural


Downtown Long Beach Mural


Relocating to Long Beach California - Resource Guide

Is it obvious yet?



P. S. You will too.


Downtown Long Beach is the perfect place for more urban minded individuals to call home.  In Downtown there is housing available ranging from low and high rise condominiums, lofts, live and work lofts, beach cottages and wonderful historic homes.  With just about everything you will ever need within walking distance including waterfront activities, fine dining and world class entertainment Downtown has become very popular.  Laurie Manny is the Downtown Long Beach expert, call her for all of your Downtown Long Beach Real Estate needs. 

It would be my pleasure to consult with you regarding available properties in the 

Downtown Long Beach or Long Beach areas  

Call Laurie (562) 2512-5420



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