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Temple Lofts 835 Locust Ave Long Beach CaliforniaLong Beach Loft Lifestyle

Living close to the beach, or in large urban cities we become accustomed to smaller square footage.  For those with a need to move into a more urban environment or to be beach close, sacrificing that square footage can be a very difficult experience. Long Beach Lofts provide the opportunities of city life; proximity to Downtown nightlife, culture and employment, while providing far more space than the average condo. Long Beach lofts are also walking distance to Pine Avenue, the beach, Rainbow Harbor and the marina.   

As more people transition to working from home our housing needs have changed as well.  We have different spacial requirements in our homes, home work/office space has become critical.  Lofts provide for our more modern needs. 

For those who crave living in big open space loft lifestyle is a great choice.  Lofts provide open space allowing freedom of movement which is not possible with the constriction of walls.  Many lofts were once industrial or commercial buildings with high ceilings, large windows and sweeping space.  Once gutted they were raw spaces which a person with a flair for design could easily make their own, not unlike a tear down home.   Both New York and Chicago are famous for converting useless and abandoned industrial space into artists' lofts.  These lofts were large cavernous spaces with wonderful light, high ceilings and often had large, interesting windows which could easily be integrated into the design; they were perfect. In my opinion it is a natural transition for these types of buildings to eventually have become viable living spaces. 

Kress Lofts 100 W 5th St Long Beach CaliforniaLong Beach lofts are generally not raw space they are usually live/work space with high ceilings, open floor plans and plenty of light.  Most of the lofts in Long Beach are historic or landmark buildings which have been converted into residential lofts.  Builders have defined basic living space by installing kitchens, baths, bedroom/s, closet/s and storage space in most of the newly converted lofts in Long Beach. Doing this eliminated the after purchase expense of build out for the buyer and problems attaining financing.  Lenders do not like to lend on raw space and most will not finance without an existing kitchen and bath. 

Lofts do tend to be a bit noisier than the average home.  Area rugs, window and wall coverings and defined spaces will cut down on the noise.  With the exception of kitchens and baths, loft living spaces can be highly functional, spaces can be easily moved around to accommodate your needs and can be defined in many attractive and unique ways.   While defining spaces it is possible to leave them easily adaptable, for instance decorative screens can create an additional bedroom area for guests, or specific areas can be moved around to accomodate larger scale entertaining. 

Ebell Lofts 1100 E 3rd St Long Beach CaliforniaLofts are usually more attractive to those with a more eclectic flair. With endless decorating possibilities lofts are a great opportunity to mix the old with the new.  Perhaps unique windows were restored and can be left uncovered or an old wood floor may be left in place lending grace to the condo/loft, once sanded and polished to a new gleam.  Plop a brand new plush Italian leather couch onto the area rug in that living room and your loft is already warming up.  Go modern, go historic, go anywhere your taste and purse allow you to go.  A loft is a unique space that is uniquely yours!  The design possibilities in wide open spaces are only limited by your imagination. Go ahead and get your swank on!

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