Long Beach CA Historic Homes and Districts

Long Beach California Historic Homes and Districts

Historic Long Beach California Real Estate

Long Beach is widely celebrated as one of the most culturally diverse cities in the United States.  But diversity is not just for people!  Youll recognize the width and breadth of our uniqueness as you tour homes in any of the citys 17 historic neighborhoods:

  • Belmont Heights
  • Bluff Heights
  • Bluff Park
  • Brenner Place
  • California Heights
  • Carroll Park
  • Craftsman Bungalow Historic Village
  • Eliot Lane
  • Linden Avenue
  • Minerva Park Place
  • Rose Park
  • Rose Park South
  • Sunrise Boulevard
  • Willmore City/Drake Park
  • Wilton Street
  • Wrigley
  • Citywide Historical Districts Map

From the massive front porch timbers of the Craftsman Bungalow to the intricately detailed Victorian woodwork...theres a historic home style here to suit every preference.



Community Working Together

Grab a sweater on a cool coastal morning and smell the sweet fog as it melts into a crisp California day.  Relax on a bench on the wide open porch of your vintage Craftsman Bungalow style home.  The wide eaves reveal authentically exposed roof rafters that make you feel uniquely peaceful.  Across the street, a neighbor tends to her garden as children play under ancient oaks and elms.  You admire the intricate wrought iron grillwork and heavy red tile roof of your neighbors Spanish Colonial Revival style home.  There is comfort in living among a community of people working together to assure the vitality of your neighborhood.


Step Back in Time

Are you searching for a well maintained, architecturally significant home in a neighborhood where community is valued?  As you drive along the tree lined streets youll feel as if youve stepped back in time.  Youll see antique street lamps lighting cobblestone paths and gardens bordered by authentic picket style fences.  Youll see beautifully manicured lawns and flowering gardens.  Youll see neighbors working together to assure that historic features of an area are maintained.  When you live in a historic district, you become part of a unified effort to protect the areas rich heritage.

Historic Homes of Long Beach-Diane House
The Diane House 

Historic Homes of Long Beach-Perry House
The Perry House

Dedicated to Preservation

Long Beach is dedicated to the preservation of its rich history.  In 2003, the city received an A on the Los Angeles Conservancys report card for overall preservation.  Long Beach was one of only five cities to receive high marks out of 45 Southern California locations.  And in 2004 the Willmore City historic area won the Neighborhoods USA Best Neighborhoods contest for social revitalization.

Individual Long Beach California Real Estate qualifies for historic status when it:

  • is historically significant
  • is architecturally unique
  • has retained its original style
  • is built from original materials

A more recently built structure may qualify for historic status when it is a well built representation of a past architectural style.  Want to know more about Long Beachs rich history?  Visit the Long Beach Historical Society.

Historic Homes of Long Beach-The Robert House
The Robert House 

Historic Homes of Long Beach-The Tina House 
The Tina House

Preserving the Past

If you love strong, structurally sound, beautiful old homes¦Come Home to Long Beach CA!  Historic districts here maintain or re-create an atmosphere of old Long Beach.  Is your Long Beach California Real Estate in a potentially historic area? 

If your community contains a high concentration of intact and original vintage architectural styles, and property owners want to protect the buildings as assets to the community¦your neighborhood may qualify for historic status.


Historic Landmarks of Long Beach-Lafayette Lobby
Historic Lafayette Lobby

Historic Status for Your Neighborhood

A district may qualify for historic designation when:

  • two-thirds or more of the structures in the area are 50 years old or older
  • buildings retain their original appearance
  • buildings are constructed of original building materials

An area may be designated historic when structures together preserve the visual qualities and ambiance of the past.  Sometimes individual homes are already designated historic sometimes its the area itself thats notable.


Meeting the Citys Criteria

To gain historic status for your neighborhood, contact the
Long Beach Cultural Heritage Commission (CHC).  Youll provide specific information about your community to the commission, who will conduct a cultural resources survey to determine if the structures in your area meet the citys criteria for historic designation.  The CHC makes a recommendation to the Planning Commission who drafts an ordinance for City Council approval.  This is the final step!  Once the ordinance is approved, your area is officially designated a historic district.

A Valuable Asset

Your historic home is more than a poignant reminder of a by-gone day.  It is a glittering emblem of community pride.  It attracts tourists interested in viewing a piece of the past.  And historic neighborhoods enjoy increases in property values that exceed similar non-designated neighborhoods.  Whether youre interested in revitalizing a neighborhood, love vintage properties or are considering an investment in Long Beach Real Estate¦your historic home is a valuable asset!



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Comment from: dmariscal2000@hotmail.com [Visitor] Email

I'm interested in when these types of neighborhoods came to be.  Such as what houses were build first in

that neighborhood. Particularly in the Cedar Ave area. From downtown to Anahiem st.

Can you please respond. Thank you.

Daniel Mariscal



PermalinkPermalink July 06, 2009 18:54:08
Comment from: Laurie Manny Professional Group [Member] Email · http://www.longbeachrealestatehome.com
Default avatar
Hi Daniel,

The Drake Park/Wilmore City Historic District was mostly built up in the early 1900's, approximately between 1900 and 1025. The lovely Queen Anne Victorian that sits on the corner of Drake Park on North Loma Vista was built sometime in the late 1800's and originally sat on Ocean Blvd. When Ocean Blvd became built up it was moved to its current location to take its rightful place in the historic district. I sold this particular home twice over the years. It has no heating system, only the gas fireplace which sit in the center of the first floor and heats the entire home. During the winter months the owners have used a portable electric radiator upstairs, when necessary. This is a beautiful home.

The Historic Society of Long Beach located at 4260 Atlantic is a great resource for historical research for Long Beach. They can be reached at (562)424-2220. http://www.historicalsocietylb.org/

Warmest Regards,
PermalinkPermalink July 08, 2009 16:49:25
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