Long Beach Home Bathroom Remodels

Long Beach Home Bathroom Remodel - Long Beach Homeowners want their bathrooms opened up. They want more space, more light and room for more than one person to be comfortable in the room at the same time

Long Beach Bathroom RemodelsLong Beach Homes - Bathroom Remodels


Long Beach Homeowners want more space in their kitchens and bathrooms.  Bathroom remodels are reflecting many of the same design trends and choices as kitchens. 


Long Beach Homeowners want their bathrooms opened up.  They want more space, more light and room for more than one person to be comfortable in the room at the same time.  Adding windows and skylights, or enlarging existing windows brings light into the room, cheering it up and creating the illusion of more space.  Using lots of glass and glass block helps achieve this goal. 


We all know that the choice to live in a beach close Long Beach Home generally means higher prices and less square footage.  How can we create more viable living space when we only have just so much in the way of usable square footage?  

Adjoining closets are being eliminated and used to increase bathroom square footage while closets and storage space are reconfigured in other areas of the home.   At a loss for space but want to open up your bathroom?  Consider opening up the ceiling, utilize that wasted attic space and add cubic square footage.  Sometimes this is enough to remove the oppressive feeling and open up the room.


Long Beach Bathroom RemodelsThe Master Bath is the homeowners retreat, they want a little luxury here.  Homeowners are insisting on many of these items:

  • Heated floors
  • Towel Warmers
  • Multiple shower heads
  • Mounted Flat Screen TVs
  • Recessed Lighting
  • Dual sinks
  • Soaring ceilings
  • Decorative Fixtures


Consumers are leaning toward nickel and antique bronze fixtures, chrome is still popular but is waning.  Brass is so out!


Eco friendly, green remodeling is playing a role in bathroom remodels with an increase in interest in renewable materials and water conservation.  Dual-flush toilets and other technologies have become very popular.  In Japan over 70% of all homes now have Toto heated bidet toilet seats.  These seats come complete with remote control and have a rather hefty price tag. 


Homeowners are paying special attention to ventilation, many installing central exhaust fans or environmentally friendly fans that run constantly on low and adjust automatically to cycle up or down when someone enters or leaves the room.  Whole house fans have become very popular aiding in the ventilation and temperature control of the entire home. 


Long Beach Bathroom Remodels - Long Beach Luxury Homes and CondosBaby Boomers considering remodeling are having bathtubs removed and are replacing them with large glassed-in showers with multiple heads.  Boomers like to spend a lot of time at home and are craving more luxury accommodations in their home.  Other features the Boomers are seeking are:

  • Raised vanities and toilets
  • Lower upper cabinets
  • Larger Doorways


Boomers are expanding first floor baths and adding guest rooms on the first floor with the idea that this could eventually become a master suite. 


A well thought out and nicely designed kitchen and bath remodel can make the difference in whether a buyer decides to write an offer on your Long Beach Home or another.  These are upgrades worth considering. 


If you are considering a future sale and are remodeling in anticipation of that sale, it is wise to consult with your Realtor.  We work with and know what Long Beach Home buyers are looking for in their new homes.  A consultation could make the difference in the amount you net at the closing table. 


Thinking about a remodel of your Long Beach Home?  You may also find this article helpful: Long Beach Home Kitchen Remodels



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