Preparing Your Long Beach Homes for Sale - Home Staging Tips

Preparing Your Long Beach Homes for Sale - Home Staging Tips

Preparing Your Long Beach Homes for Sale

Home Staging Tips for the Long Beach Homeowner


Diane Concialdi

Marketing your Long Beach homes is similar to the way merchandisers market products using special packaging. You wouldn't buy a product that doesn't look good, would you? Would you buy a home that is disorganized and dirty?  Neither will today's Long Beach real estate buyers.  Try to look at your home through your buyer's eyes.

Physical clutter can create mental and spiritual blocks to success, health and selling your Long Beach home. Have you ever needed to pick up your rooms, make your bed, and put away the dirty dishes in the sink before you leave for vacation?  That's because space cleaning assists in lightening your mind and leaves you with a feeling of balance.

First Impressions Sell

Some unacceptable first impressions home buyers have can be corrected with the list below. Always remember first impressions and how it is important in any part of your life and in selling your Long Beach home.

  1. Home Staging Tips for Your Selling Your Long Beach HomesClean up the walkway to your home removing weeds and dead plants, adding new ones, and sweeping and hosing off the driveway and garage doors. It may be necessary to paint the front door, if washing it doesn't help. Also keep the entrance well lighted at night.
  2. Remove any personal stuff, old newspapers and magazines, clothes lying around and religious artifacts. Make sure countertops and dresser tops are clean and clear.
  3. Move out any unused or extra furniture so that your rooms are more spacious and not crowded with a lot of stuff.
  4. All cupboards and closets should be clean and orderly.  Get rid of old unused clothing.  Kitchen and bathroom cupboards should be extra clean and neat.
  5. Remove from sight any cat litter boxes, garbage cans and pet dishes and check the odor in your home. Most homeowners don't realize that odor plays a big part in the sale of their home.
  6. Replace any old rugs and carpets, paint the walls or remove any old wallpaper. Buyers love when everything is done before they move in.
  7. Keep your rooms light and bright with clean windows and window coverings. Open up the blinds and curtains and let in the sunshine. If it's a nice day, open up the windows and let in the fresh air.  
  8. Add tons of real flowers around your home inside and out. Flowers will also freshen up the scent of your rooms.
  9. Keep your rooms painted in colors that appeal to all. It doesn't necessarily have to be neutral but don't use hot pinks, lime greens, or themed kids rooms. Even if it's a deep color and everything else is correctly staged, clean and neat, the color will not matter. 
  10. Your garage is not the catchall.  Make sure it is very clean and organized. It you have time, try and have a garage sale before you list your home with your Long Beach Realtor.

If you live in an area where all of the homes are somewhat the same, with similar features, floor plans and neighborhoods, make your home the best looking one on the block. A Home Stager will help you achieve the look of a perfectly staged home but not look artificial.  Your buyer needs to think, "I want to live here."  Your Long Beach home will be remembered!

Stage your Long Beach Homes to sell.


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