Summer in Long Beach California - Reduce Your Energy Costs and Stay Cool

Summer in Long Beach California - Reduce Your Energy Costs and Stay Cool

Summer in Long Beach California

Long Beach California

Long Beach Real Estate


Reduce Your Energy Costs and Stay Cool


Lazy days and cooler temperatures are a normal summer, if you live in Long Beach California. Unlike the hell of the valleys and the inland empire, in Long Beach the breeze travels in over the ocean cooling the air as it wafts in over us divinely. Most homes anywhere near the beach dont even have air conditioning. For the most part we dont need it. We have adapted to our lovely weather.


Does that mean it doesnt get hot in Long Beach? Not on your life! It can get absolutely molten here, and does, but usually only for about 2 weeks of the year total. I keep an air conditioner in my bedroom window, but I don't use it much. 


Even with our lovely climate our homes do hold in the heat, and an attic temperature can reach in excess of 120 degrees, holding unwelcome heat in your home. Our homes can stay uncomfortably warm until about 10:00 PM, while the air outside is cool. Using fans to move air through your home can help but doesnt really cool down the house, because the air in the attic is still cooking.



A whole house fan installed in your attic is the way to go in your Long Beach home. Open some windows, turn on the whole house fan. It pulls the cool air in from outside pushing the existing air in the home up into the attic which pushes the molten attic air out of the home. Let the fan run for about 10 minutes and all of the air in both your home and attic is refreshed and as cool as the outdoors.


Whole house fans are easy to install. They are designed to fit between the joists in the attic, either 16' or 24'. The opening for the fan, usually installed in a hallway ceiling, is approximately 14.5' by 22.5'. Easily installed, if you are handy.


The bonus? You save big on your electric bill. A 5 ton air conditioning unit can use more than 6000 watts per hour. A typical whole house fan uses only about 118 to 600 watts, and you are only running in for short bursts several times a day to refresh the air.


Personally I think it pays to have a whole house fan installed even if you have air conditioning. Air conditioning is not necessary most of the time down here at the beach. It is really nice to be able to keep cool, fresh air running through your home, to be able to keep your windows open and to be comfortable in your home.


Enjoy your summer, and stay cool.




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